Friday, December 17, 2010

‘VICTIM’ Movie – Trailer

Real Recorded Rape Scene In Film causes Uproar

The newly released IFC film 'Victim' has an extremely graphic rape scene that is causing an uproar amongst activist groups. It looks so real, that many are calling it borderline illegal. The rape scene involves a beautiful young girl and a transgender who apparently are
not credited for their on screen roles.

Gay rights activist and anti-rape groups strongly condemned the film last week. They sent a letter to the MPAA board asking for the elimination of the scene entirely, stating that the film was "exploitative and damaging for not only rape victims but also society as a whole." The footage, according to the groups, where real rape footage appears should not be seen in a R-rated film. Normalizing such acts in the mainstream can lead to it acceptance in society.

The filmmakers have assured the groups that the scenes, although graphic and realistic, were in fact acted. They have agreed to meet with representatives of the groups and show them footage of the filming. The groups have rejected that offer and, according to many,
"remain firm on their stance." They have stated that "films like 'Victim' and others that glamorize rape desensitizes audiences and exploits the trauma and suffering of rape victims."